Property Management

What is a property manager?

GIA Property Management

An example of a property under our management

A property manager’s responsibility generally includes three primary tasks;

  1. The full and proper screening or testing of an applicant’s credit, including background screening covering the applicant’s rental history and ability to pay.
  2. Lease contracting or accepting rent using legal documents approved for the area in which the property is located.
  3. Mitigation and remediation regarding any maintenance issues, generally within a budget, with prior or conveyed consent via a Limited Power of Attorney legally agreed to by the property owner.

Why should you have to spend your time interviewing renters, running to bank for deposits, trying to find handymen or reasonable rates for property repairs?  A property manager acts as a buffer for those owners who want to distance themselves from the hassles of the day-to-day management of their properties.

Property managers work to make the relationship between owners and tenants as transparent for the owner as possible.  We will easily manage, lease, and maintain a covered property for you and when the market indicates, adjust rental income accordingly.

Our property management service

Our fees

Our fee policy is very reasonable and consistent with the industry.  Fees charged are tied directly to the rent that is being received and when the tenant doesn’t pay, neither do you.  Consequently our financial interest is aligned directly to that of you, the property owner.  This policy ensures that the property is 100% occupied and generating sufficient cash flow from tenants to you.

Our screening process

We employ a rigorous screening process for all potential tenants that includes, at the very least, a reference check, a credit check, and an evaluation of the tenant’s rental history.  It is our objective to protect the property owner from unqualified tenants.

Do you want to know more? We will be glad to answer any questions you have about the property management services we offer to home owners. Contact Faye Guercio at (408) 377-8887.