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Jack and Faye Guercio are active members of the San Jose real estate community. They’ve been successfully helping owners sell their properties and buyers find homes for over 40 years.

Jack Guercio

Jack Guercio

Jack Guercio, I.E.C., GRI, REALTOR©

Jack’s experience in the San Jose area is unparalleled. He knows the builders, the areas, the schools, and other issues with which buyers are concerned.   Jack has seen several different real estate business cycles and has successfully weathered them all.

In the 1970s, interest rates were in the 18% range. This was the period of the 5-year pre-payment penalty, the beginning of creative financing, the concept of Seller “wraparound mortgages” and buyer assumptions of existing loans.  Ways to allow buyers to take advantage of existing low interest rates that seller’s had during the high interest rate market.

In the 1980s, when ‘Reagonomics” took over, and the “Due on Sale” clauses were being used by lenders to circumvent the creative financing of earlier years.   It was also the period of the Savings & Loan Debacle and Ponzi schemes.

In the 1990s, the area was still recovering from the excesses of the 1980s. Taxes changed from 35% to 39% for the highest income earners.  During that time, jobs increased all over the country, and the country had a budget surplus.  In Santa Clara County, interest rates came down to a manageable 6%.

In the 2000s with an impending recession, sub-prime mortgages, high risk loans,  such as “no-doc loans,” over extended buyers, and mortgage delinquencies all led up to the burst of the real estate bubble, short sales and foreclosures and the failure of Wall Street.

In the 2010s new Federal regulations were created (Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act) to control wall street, unemployment figures capped, foreclosures slow down, housing prices started to increase, and interest rates started to fall — the lowest in over 50 years – all indicators of the current recovery period.

Jack Guercio is a REALTOR© and has the following designations: I.E.C. (Investment Exchange Counselor), GRI (Graduate of Realtor Institute), member of SCCAOR (Santa Clara County of Association of Real Estate).

Faye Guercio

Faye Guercio

Faye Guercio, Broker

Faye Guercio is a broker who specializes in first-time home buyers.  She is an expert in walking people through the home buying process, making sure you clearly understand what you  are signing and reducing your “first-time homebuyers” stress.

First time buyer expert

She specializes in first-time home buyer situations. She reviews everything with you, the client.  She will help you understanding your credit–what is affecting your current credit and how you can potentially improve your scores.  She will walk hand-in-hand with you through the home buying process, the loan process, the inspections, the documentation, taxes, changes, and being sure you have selected the “right” home for your family.

When representing buyers

When representing buyers, Faye works with you to identify the properties that you really want.  She will establish an automatic feed of properties that match your criteria so that each day you can view the properties online.  Additionally, Faye and Jack will preview a property to ensure that it is consistent with the vision of the home you want to buy.

“Good bones” are the essence of a good home. Faye’s expertise is seeing the hidden value of a home as you begin your buying process.  She’ll advise you about these nuggets as you consider each property.  While the buying process can be filled with anxiety, Faye will help you manage this challenging emotional time like an experienced professional.

When representing sellers

If you’re selling your property, Faye sees the opportunities you may have to improve your selling price. She evaluates the curb appeal and interior of your home. While staging a property can add additional value to a home, it can be expensive. Faye devises low cost or “no cost” ways to enhance the value of your home and set your home to sell quickly. In fact, Faye has assisted properties to be sold over the listing price in over 90% of their sale transactions.