Craig and Diana Burke

Working  with Jack and Faye Guercio was the best experience we have had selling a house, and in 34 years we have sold four houses. Selling a neglected rundown home from out-of-state seemed difficult, at best. However Jack and Faye made it easier than we could have hoped for.          

Faye worked harder than any agent I have ever worked with. Their knowledge of the housing market was uncanny. They knew exactly what to do and how to get it done. We found out immediately that with GIA Real Estate we could trust and count on them to get the job done and done properly.  

Faye helped us with certain situations that were above and beyond what any agent had offered or had done for us in the past. She was not afraid to pitch in and supervise. They worked like a well oiled machine.  

They sold the house quickly and we received top dollar for the home. More than we ever expected. I believe it was because they knew exactly what to do and how to achieve that goal, which was to sell it as fast as possible and for the best price. And there is no doubt we received the best deal.

If you want honest and hard working agents Jack and Faye, with GIA Real Estate, are the people you want working for you. They were professional and yet very personable. We have never had a better experience selling a house. They are smart, knowledgeable, honest and friendly.

They will always have our respect and gratitude for helping us through a most difficult time and making our life and situation a lot less stressful.  I have never seen better in this business, they are the best. We recommend them very highly and encourage you to give them a chance to take care of your property, as it should be taken care of, with great excellence!


Karen Trayer

My husband and I recently purchased a small condominium which we plan on using as a rental.  We contacted Jack and Faye because my daughter and her husband had worked with them on the sale of their townhouse and purchase of a single family home.  My daughter raved about the excellent personalized service they received. 

I didn’t really think any real estate agent would be too interested in spending much time on this deal since it was a very small—not much commission to be earned here!  I imagined that Faye would look into it for us whenever she found the time and call us back.  Much to my surprise, she arranged for us to go out and look at the property that very day.  Right from the start, she spent as much time with us as we needed, answering all our questions and following up on every detail of the sale.

When it came to the time for signing papers, Faye was so amazing.  She sat with us and went through all of the paperwork we needed to sign so that we completely understood what we were signing.  If I had a question, I either emailed her or called her, and she always got back to me with an answer the same day.  She treated us as though we were her only client, though I know very well that she and Jack run a very busy office.

When all was said and done, Faye negotiated a fantastic deal for us, arranged all of the financing with an interest rate that was lower than we had expected, and even offered to help us find renters for our property.  I cannot say enough about the work she and Jack do for their clients.  They are much more than real estate agents.  They treat their clients like friends.


Becky Putnam-Barberi

My sister and I have known the Guercio Family for many years.  In 2009, when we found it necessary to sell our family home, we chose Jack and Faye to list it.  In the midst of preparing the house to put on the market, we had a tragic death in our immediate family.  Jack and Faye Guercio stepped in and put their own time and energy in to keep the ball rolling.

They not only knew what needed to be done, but they made sure it happened.  They called in their team to insure the house would be shown in its best light.  Faye is a master at “staging”, she knows instinctively what works.

In a depressed market, because of their knowledge and expertise, our home was sold in an amazingly short period of time and at a very good price.

We are grateful for their energy, enthusiasm and support.  We would, without hesitation, ask their help in any future sales we might have, and highly recommend them to others.

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