For Buyers

There are a lot of challenges and pressures when you are deciding on your home purchase.

You’re smart! You’ve owned a home before or are thinking of buying your first home. You have lived in the Bay Area for several years and know your area. In this day and age of open information on the Internet, why is a real estate broker necessary?

Deciding how to buy a house is challenging

Deciding how to buy a house is challenging

  • Specific and Relative Expertise
    Because along with the “open information” capability, comes the problem of sifting through all the information to determine what is actually relevant to your situation and how to protect yourself in this highly volatile market. This is our job! To understand the current requirements of buying and selling a home and to use that knowledge to help you make informed decisions. We don’t just visit an area once in a while or on the weekends, we WORK these areas every day. We know the areas with recommended schools, excellent values, potential opportunities, or neighborhoods of traditional style.
  • Guidance and Preparation
    We are here to help you understand what you need to know before buying your home. We can guide you through your first home purchase. Because you are working and can’t always be available, we can be there for you–for inspections, repairs, follow-ups, appraisers, etc. We will be available to answer your questions and stand in for you when you need us most.
  • One Stop Support
    Our loan specialists can prequalify you for the home that fits your budget and needs. From there you can confidently search for the right home for you.
  • Expert Knowledge
    Use our expertise to make YOU an expert. Let us provide the information that you don’t have the time to acquire. Everything you need to know about buying or selling a home can be found right here on our Web site! Find answers to your questions, as you have the time.

If you are ready to take that important step to becoming a home owner, contact us and get pre-qualified. There is no obligation. This will allow you to begin your search with factual financial quidelines. Call or email us today using the information below!

With over 40 years of land sales, home sales, property management as well as 15+ years in the mortgage loan arena, we can assure you of a dependable and trustworty relationship with our firm.