Financing your home requires expertise

Financing your home requires experience

New Loans


Getting ready to purchase your first home or moving up to a larger home for a growing family?  The importance of having your financing in place and assuring the seller and his/her broker of your financial stability and your probability of closing the deal is the most important preparation you can make before starting the search process.

We counsel new home buyers about the intricacies of today’s complex world of loans.  We help you understand the loan process, the types of loans available in today’s market, what information you will need to provide to the broker, how your credit report will affect the approval process, how long the long process will take and what things to avoid while going through the contract period.  This counseling will help you select the appropriate loan for your home.

Faye is a loan broker and is aligned with Silicon Valley Home Loans.  She can prepare your loan for submittal to a favorable lender.  She can explain the differences between FHA, Conventional, and Adjustable Rates so you can make the right choice.  She will provide you with a list of needed documents and help to make the loan process as smooth as possible, so you are prepared for a speedy loan approval, which is very important to the seller.


If you’re interested in taking advantage of some of the newest financing programs, we can help you with your goals.  We can help you assess the right refinance program for your specific needs, understand HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) loans, and determine the true APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of your loan comparisons.  In today’s financial marketplace the refinance process can sometimes be even more demanding than your original loan process.  An increase in documentation, new guidelines, Patriot Act enactments and other changes, has created a demand for more supporting paperwork and documentation which can be very frustrating.   Being prepared ahead of time will take the stress from the process and we will help you every step of the way.

Financial Education

We also produce “on-demand” consumer education programs on loans and financing.  Understanding Your Credit Report  is a favorite topic.  Call us for a personalized review of your own credit report.  (408) 377-8887.